Daily Hilarity: Zuckerberg’s Side Of The Story

Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

New Wedding Customs Of The (Probably Near) Future

Chaos Pet glimpses the future: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

A 90 Minute New Pornographers Video With Soundboard Audio?

Yes please! Watch the full concert, filmed October 25, 2007 at Webster Hall, on Babel Music. (And buy their terrific new album Together if you haven’t yet!) The rest of the concert is much better than the song they’re offering as a representative clip (which is one of my least favorite in their otherwise illustrious [Read More...]

Facebook + David Fincher + Nine Inch Nails = ?

Trent Reznor has written the score for David Fincher’s The Social Network, which is all about Facebook. While Fincher has not made a film worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Fight Club since he made, um, Fight Club, since he actually made Fight Club, I still get excited whenever he has a [Read More...]

Pakistani Police Investigating Mark Zuckerberg On Charges Of Blasphemy From Lawyer

In response to “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day”: Last month, according to English-language Pakistani newspaper The News International, a Pakistani High Court judge summoned the police after lawyer Muhammad Azhar Siddique filed an application for a First Information Report (FIR), claiming that the owners of Facebook had committed a heinous and serious crime under Section 295-C of [Read More...]

Facebook With Camels With Hammers!

We’re in the process of setting up the Camels With Hammers Facebook page to be a vibrant, regularly updating platform from which you can keep track of the new posts on the blog, get news and other messages specifically for fans, post links and photos which you think other Camels With Hammers readers might enjoy, interact with [Read More...]

Pakistan Blocks Access To Facebook Over “Draw Mohammed Day”

Out of solidarity with the recently threatened South Park creators, tomorrow will be “Draw Mohammed Day”, an international day of defiance and protest by secularists against religious extremists’ attempts to silence free expression through death threats.  A Facebook group was created advertising this event.  Pakistan considers Facebook‘s willingness to allow such free speech so inappropriate [Read More...]

Too Much Atheist Facebooking?

Kala, though an atheist and a friend of Camels With Hammers, is overwhelmed by so many atheist related links on her Facebook wall: Have you ever felt like your brain is working too hard? Well this is how I am feeling. I hate logging into Facebook and all I see is Atheist, science, and anti-religion [Read More...]

Daily Hilarity: Infinite Gest Looks Back At 2009

Click here for a truly hilarious look at social trends and events in 2009. The whole thing is hilarious, here are just a few bits to entice you to read the whole thing: Movie that I loved from 2009 that I’m bound to hate by the end of 2010, thanks to Facebook: The Hangover I [Read More...]