My Contributions on Nietzsche in the New Catholic Encyclopedia

Why did I, an atheist deeply critical of Catholicism, publish entries in the New Catholic Encyclopedia, Supplement 2012-13: Ethics and Philosophy ? [Read more...]

3 Jesus Christs And A Shrink With A God Complex: On Ariadne Blayde's "Go Down Into Silence"

Last night I saw a terrific college play, based very loosely on the premise of a real life 1950s experiment in which three delusional psychiatric patients who each believed they were Jesus Christ were made to live together to see whether it could break their delusions. Before I share my reactions to the play, here [Read More...]

On Secular Uses Of Hallowing Halls

Daniel Fincke Academic Robes 2010

  A federal judge has ruled that a public school cannot hold its ceremony in a church building: [Bridgeport-based federal judge Janet] Hall ruled that use of the church for graduation violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, even though some of the symbols were to be covered. Earlier this year, members of the Enfield Board of [Read More...]

Irish President Mary McAleese’s 2010 Commencement Speech At Fordham University

This was the commencement speech delivered at my graduation with a doctoral degree this past Saturday, May 22, 2010.  I feel like it belongs on my blog as part of the record of my experience.  The speech was surprisingly rich in reference to Fordham’s history.  This was not a canned political speech. In her May [Read More...]

Fordham Baserunner Brian Kownacki’s Phenomenal Play

I’ve never seen any baserunner do this before: Go Fordham!!! Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Average Girl On The Radio

No, not the Barlow Girl song, but rather Fordham’s own catchy-indie-alt-country-wilcoesque-modestmousish-rock band Average Girl (which, don’t worry, is decidedly also not a Barlow Girl tribute band) will be on WNYU at 3pm, Monday July 6 (streaming from the website simultaneously for those who click to “Listen Live.”)  The band’s super-talented Cary Kehayan (vocals, guitar, keys [Read More...]