On Why We Should Do Specifically Humanist Charity (And A Chance to Learn How To Do It Best)


Humanism is a view of the world that prioritizes reason, compassion, and human empowerment as the means for living ethical lives and making transformative positive change in the world. Humanists spend a lot of time countering the pernicious lie that people need to believe in gods in order to either know right from wrong or [Read More...]

How To Tangibly and Efficiently Help The Tornado Victims…

Foundation Beyond Belief has done careful emergency research in order to identify the charities they think will most tangibly and efficiently help those whose lives are right now overturned by tornados in Oklahoma. Your donations through them not only have the likelihood of being maximally effective. They will send the message that atheists care and can mobilize disaster relief, dispelling a common slanderous assumption. [Read more...]

The Humanist Service Corps–A Peace Corps For Humanists

Foundation Beyond Belief continues to grow in inspiring directions. Their newest announcement is of their “Pathfinders Project” which will lay the ground for a humanist equivalent of the Peace Corps called the Humanist Service Corps: Here is what they are raising money for: We need $16,150 more to fully fund the project for this year [Read More...]

Foundation Beyond Belief

If you, like me, believe that it is time that the irreligious concentrate real effort on providing charity and support for parents through explicitly secular alternative channels to religious ones, then you really should consider supporting the efforts of Dale McGowan’s newly formed “Foundation Beyond Belief.” Thanks to Hemant Mehta for the heads up (and [Read More...]