Creepy Pro-Geert Wilders Propaganda

I’m as troubled by Islam’s authoritarianism of thought and practice as any one but Christian crusading is is not much better.¬† This is called “Geert Wilders The Lion Heart” and unless it’s just an exceptional satire, it’s a really unsettling, unrestrained glorification of Christian warfare against Islam. How long until the Christian theocrats begin embracing [Read More...]

Exit Polls Say Geert Wilders’s Anti-Islamic Party Doubles Its Seats In Dutch Parliament

The Guardian: The Netherlands’ anti-Islamic MP Geert Wilders appeared on course for major gains in a general election yesterday, more than doubling his party’s seats in the Dutch parliament and overtaking the incumbent ruling Christian Democrats, according to exit polls last night. Wilders’ Freedom party looked to have taken third place in a close-fought election [Read More...]

The Right To Apostasy

Former Muslims United claim the right to apostasy for American Muslims is in danger: FMU has asked me to note two corrections that need to be made in the article below: Wafa Sultan is the president of Former Muslims United. The right of apostasy pledge was sent to 111 Muslim leaders, not groups. In the fall [Read More...]

Will Burqa Bans Around Europe Lead To Stricter Restrictions On Muslim’s Expression?

An Australian report talking to mostly Muslim women in the first part: In the second video, we have a Muslim cleric claiming that bestiality is legal in America in 28 states, saying that Muslims are “superior beings” to non-Muslims, and that it is just for adulterers to be stoned: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Geert Wilders Arrives In UK

The story: From Wilders’s press conference: Here was Pat Condell’s response last winter when the UK banned Wilders from visiting: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]