6 Year Old Swedish Boy Stabbed With (Blunt) Knife for Wearing Pink

Fortunately he is okay: The newspaper names the boy as Oskar and reports how his liking for pink clothing, ballet and nail polish left him exposed to regular bullying from other boys in his playgroup. The newspaper reported that he had also complained to his parents that he had been subjected to taunts that he [Read More...]

Women Psyched Out By Playing Chess With Men?

This study says yes: Women are surprisingly underrepresented in the chess world, representing less that 5% of registered tournament players worldwide and only 1% of the world’s grandmasters. In this paper it is argued that gender stereotypes are mainly responsible for the underperformance of women in chess. Forty-two male-female pairs, matched for ability, played two [Read More...]

Swedish Couple Raises Child Without Gender

They won’t tell anyone the sex of the kid, here are their reasons: “We want Pop to grow up more freely and avoid being forced into a specific gender mold from the outset,” said the child’s mother, “Nora.” (The paper used fake names for the entire family to protect their privacy.) “It’s cruel to bring [Read More...]