Blood Stained Coffee Set

Click here to buy this: Antonio Murado Salome Coffee Set This provocative 14-piece porcelain coffee set was made in Spain exclusivley for the New Museum. The crimson handprints and smears are an almost Baroque reflection on the act of consuming a meal. Edition of 15. >It’s only $500!  Unless you’re a member, in which case, [Read More...]


Your Fears? [Read more...]

Joshua Hoffine Explores Childhood Fears

Happy Halloween everybody!  Enjoy the stunningly gorgeous and horrifying photography of Joshua Hoffine which brings alive childhood fears: Even more collected here and explore the artist’s blog and order prints here. Your Fears? [Read more...]

The Scariest Doll

From “Tekitos”: [Read more...]

Sex: The Horror and The Horrible

Teeth Sometimes people disagree about what makes for a horror film. As far as I’m concerned, the definitive feature of the genre is that it deals with frightening transgressions of nature and of morality. Mitchell Lichtenstein’s Teeth is horror that situates itself purely in terms of this defining characteristic. The horror is not in the [Read More...]