Jerry DeWitt’s Fantastic Easter Morning Sermon at AA 2013


I’m delighted that Jerry DeWitt will be on The Camels With Hammers Show tomorrow. Here’s his Easter sermon that I raved about a couple months ago. His book is available for pre-order.. And a documentary about Jerry is being made. [Read more...]

A Documentary About the Clergy Project

Last week I wrote about Jerry DeWitt, the first “graduate” of The Clergy Project–an online community for non-believing preachers who are trying to figure out how to go about coming out as atheists and getting on with their post-religious lives. This fascinating looking documentary, currently in production, interviews Daniel Dennett and Linda LaScola, who began [Read More...]

Preacher or Parodist? Jerry DeWitt’s Inspired Self-Deconstruction and Self-Affirmation

Despite being underslept, when I woke up at 8:12 on Sunday morning, my eyes popped open wide and I lept out of bed. I was damned sure I would be on time for the start of the final day of proceedings of the 2013 American Atheists Convention. And, to my amusement, it was the prospect of [Read More...]

Atheist Preacher Jerry DeWitt on the Rock of Reason

It continues to bring a smile to my face to see recent deconvert Jerry DeWitt turn his preacher’s talents against religion: I had a lot of thoughts, both positive and wary upon seeing Jerry speak live at the American Atheists convention in April. You can see Jerry’s full “sermon” from that day and read my [Read More...]

Jerry Dewitt’s American Atheists Convention "Sermon"

Jerry Dewitt is the first pastor turned atheist to come out as an atheist after joining The Clergy Project. The Clergy Project is an online community forum begun March 21, 2011, on which nearly 200 current and former clergy who have abandoned supernatural beliefs gain support and advice for each other as they contemplate coming [Read More...]

Atheist Preaching

Two of the most striking of many interesting speakers at the Reason Rally and the American Atheists convention were Nate Phelps and Jerry DeWitt, who were both affiliated with the organization Recovering From Religion which, among other things tries to get recent deconverts to therapists who won’t do what most therapists apparently do and tell them they [Read More...]