Are We Atheists Because We Have Terrible Fathers?

In what appears to be a serious bit of ad hoc armchair psychology hackwork, Paul Vitz has a book called Faith of the Fatherless: The Psychology of Atheism in which he applies psychoanalytic theories to influential dead atheists and theists (whom he never even professionally interviewed therapeutically) and based on this tiny sample of cherry [Read More...]

Not In JT’s Backyard

Back in the olden days before I read blogs (or wrote one), I used to listen to pundits who were intellectually or morally infuriatingly wrong and get so frustrated. There would be three related feelings. First was a feeling of intense frustration that this wrongness was being broadcast or published to a mass audience, misleading [Read More...]

The JT and Bria Conflict and Why I Usually Don’t Blog About Interpersonal Conflicts

The best moral judgment is not absolutist. It does not blindly apply simplistic, overly broad rules in every circumstance regardless of the consequences. When necessary, the best moral judgment in fact takes into account a whole host of relevant, situational nuances. It assesses each nuance according to any of a range of important formal moral [Read More...]

What Would JT Do If He Were Following The Law: An Interview About Students' and Teachers' Rights

JT Eberhard blogs at the breakout hit blog What Would JT Do? on our own Freethought Blogs network. JT Eberhard’s day job is to help high school students set up their Secular Student Alliance chapters. A big part of his job is to deal with obstinate administrations who try to prohibit them for illegal reasons. [Read More...]