If You Believe God Gave You The Earth…

In this animated video Louis CK explores the irrationality of trash the earth conservative Christian “stewardship”… [Read more...]

Louis CK, Opie, & Anthony Interview Donald Rumsfeld

And Louis CK takes him the opportunity to ask him if he is a lizard from outer space who eats human flesh. A strange interview: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Ricky Gervais, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, And Ethical Dilemmas In Comedy

In response to Ricky Gervais’s fervent insistence that he was not mocking religion at the Golden Globes, which I aired earlier this afternoon, Jude takes Gervais to task, as charitably as she can, for not owning up to what he is effectively doing in his act: I’ll begin by saying, as you know Dan, that [Read More...]

Louis C.K. Shreds Homophobia

Completely NSFW and completely brilliant. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]