Mr. Deity and The New Testament

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Occupy Heaven

Mr. Deity’s captives beloved subjects are unsatisfied for a number of reasons: I examined arguments that hell is God’s favor to those who just don’t want to be with him in my post Hell as the Absence of God (a fictional dialogue between my characters Jaime and Robin). Although I think there are ways to [Read More...]

Support The Secular Student Alliance

If you’re a secular college student, consider getting involved with the Secular Student Alliance for a great opportunity to network fellow secularists, to do stereotype-dispelling charity projects, promote rational thought, and learn more about post-religious ways of thinking. See if your school has a group and if they do not, consider starting one: And whether [Read More...]

Mr. Deity And The Denial

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Daily Hilarity: When Larry Met Deity

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Mr. Deity: The Prequel

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Daily Hilarity: Mr. Deity and the Quitter

It might be just me, but this is one of my favorite episodes in a while: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Mr. Deity Unveils Eve…

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Daily Hilarity: Death’s Complaints

The really funny new Mr. Deity is below. And this time the now regular plea for donations at the end has some moments that are even funnier than the episode.  It’s all really hilariously done. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]