Does Atheism Offer Less Beauty, Mystery, and Transcendence?

A couple weeks ago I almost got to appear on a widely viewed television show. Below is a question that one of the producers of the show asked and my (relatively) brief, quickly sketched out answer, with only minor revisions. Like a religion, atheism can offer community and common cause to its adherents. But it [Read More...]

Is It Just A Mystery Whether God Exists?

Robin: Jaime, what bothers me about your atheism is that it’s so dogmatic. You claim to know there is no God. That’s so arrogant. Jaime: Yes, I claim to know there are no gods. But I don’t claim it dogmatically or arrogantly. I claim it based upon the fact that the evidence is overwhelmingly against [Read More...]

J.J. Abrams’s Mystery Box

A few years ago, J.J. Abrams discussed what motivates his preoccupation with mystery: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

God Cites “Moving In Mysterious Ways” As Motive For Killing 3,000 Papua New Guineas

The Onion has full coverage of God’s remarks here and of Jesus Christ’s recent decision to hire an associate christ here. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

What’s In A Name? On Redefining Belief In God Rather Than Rejecting It

VorJack summarizes Robert Jensen’s thesis that God is mystery itself, rather than a principle that hopes to explain them: Jensen is not saying that God is a mystery. Instead, he is saying that God is mystery itself. God is what we call all those things about the universe that we don’t or can’t understand. Let [Read More...]

Atheism, Certainty, Mysticism, And Faitheism

In reply to Daniel Dennett’s attack on the supposed need for belief in belief, a Daily Dish reader writes: Something I find annoying about this atheist-believer dispute is that it all depends on what you mean by “god”. If you require the talking snake, then, yeah, Dennet rules, in my opinion. But if you are [Read More...]