Not My Father’s Son–A Documentary About Nate Phelps

Please consider donating to help make this documentary about Nate Phelps, the atheist, pro-LGBT son of the infamous Fred Phelps of the hateful Westboro Baptist Church. (If you donate through Recovering From Religion, your donation becomes tax deductible.) I consider this documentary to be a potentially vital contribution to our cultural discussions about the marginalization [Read More...]

Nate Phelps’s Sadness

“They called me a rebel. For years, I wore that name with shame until I realized that confronted with the god of my father, rebellion is the only moral option.”–Nate Phelps Nate Phelps is famous for being the atheist son of the infamous Fred Phelps, whose family was protesting the Reason Rally. I found Nate’s [Read More...]