Islam Is Not A Race–But Anti-Muslim Bigotry Is Still Very Often Racist

As a particular sociocultural phenomenon, “New Atheism” is usually traced back to the anti-faith backlash many Westerners were prone towards in the wake of 9/11. For Christopher Hitchens, it was 9/11 that crystallized his years of criticism of religion and focused his energies more centrally on opposing religion than he ever had before, turning him in [Read More...]

4 Kinds of Movement Atheist (Secularist Atheists, Identity Atheists, Evangelical Atheists, and Constructive Atheists)

Not all movement atheists think alike or share the same goals. This is an attempt to clarify some of the differences both within ourselves and between ourselves. [Read more...]

Six Temptations Atheists Must Avoid

One of my mantras is that it is more important to me that we atheists live, think, and debate as rationalists and truly model rationalism (rather than tribalism), in our attacks on religion rather than that we deconvert people by any means necessary. If we make everyone atheists but those atheists are comparably irrationalistic and [Read More...]

Anti-Accommodationism Is Pro-Philosophy

“Accommodationist” atheists are those who do not want atheists to vigorously publicly attack religious beliefs and institutions, lest they risk alienating open-minded liberal and moderate religious people and turn them off to belief in evolution, climate change, science-based education and medicine, separation of church and state, or other crucial matters of public policy. Accommodationists fear, [Read More...]