Duck Or Rabbit?

The classically ambiguous drawing meant to illustrate the role that gestalt perception plays in dictating how we interpret the particulars of what we see in things gets recreated in taxidermical form. Via Boing Boing, who have the Joseph Jastrow drawing upon which it is based, for purposes of comparison. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Daniel Dennett: Can We Know Our Own Minds?

Daniel Dennett explains various limitations on our introspective understanding of our own consciousness. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

An Awareness Test

Keep your eye on the ball: You Are Not So Smart has more on the phenomenon of Inattentional Blindness. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Notice Anything Different?

A video to test your powers of observation (I probably watched it 6 times in a row out of fascination): via Jesse Galef Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

New Work On Emotional And Bodily Influence On Perception

Thought-provoking findings: the way we initially think about the emotions of others biases our subsequent perception (and memory) of their facial expressions. So once we interpret an ambiguous or neutral look as angry or happy, we later remember and actually see it as such.    The researchers showed experimental participants still photographs of faces computer-morphed [Read More...]

Linking Color and Shape

A fascinating study seeks to explain why young children use the “wrong” colors for various objects when they color: Young children may colour trees blue or grass red because their memories can’t “bind” together the colour and shape of an object. Because the brain stores colour and shape in different groups of neurons, Vanessa Simmering [Read More...]