Not Optimism, Optimal Behavior

New Year's Resolutions Joke Postcard

A bit of humor and valuable advice about New Year’s Resolutions. [Read more...]

Some Favorite Quotes

“You say you believe in Zarathustra? But what matters Zarathustra? You are my believers– but what matter all believers? You had not yet sought yourselves: and you found me. Thus do all believers; therefore all faith amounts to so little.” Nietzsche “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in [Read More...]

Happy 90th Birthday, Ray Bradbury!

You’ve probably already seen Rachel Bloom’s brilliant and completely NSFW ¬†video dedicated to the legendary author (which Bradbury himself reportedly loved and which is available on iTunes, where it’s a huge hit): From Facebook, here is a photo of Bradbury watching the video, thereby¬†“completing Rachel’s life”: Here, she explains his appeal: First of all, the [Read More...]