Daniel Fincke vs. Justin Vacula on Feminism in the Atheist Movement

Justin Vacula and I sat down to debate feminism’s role in the atheist movement tonight. Here’s the video of that:

Please, I implore you in the comments section to stick to the civility pledge demands that you argue as charitably and patiently with each other as possible, not verbally abuse each other, and especially do not escalate existing interpersonal hostilities. Let’s try and have as reasoned a debate about these issues as possible.

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Feminism, Civility, and Ron Lindsay’s Welcome to Women in Secularism

At Women in Secularism, Ron Lindsay did us defenders of civility a huge disfavor by manifoldly insulting feminists. [Read more...]

Watch The Women In Secularism Panel With Ophelia, Sikivu, Jen, and Rebecca!

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