Against the Religiously Lazy Defenders of the Pious

Terms like “religious moderates” and “religious liberals” are very vague. There is a difference between holding a religious position moderately/liberally/conservatively and holding a moderate, liberal, or conservative religious position.

And, for reasons I opine about, sometimes those who hold their religious beliefs only moderately or loosely are annoyingly defensive of those who hold more conservative substantive views. And there are those who are liberal or moderate about how they hold their beliefs, but the substance of their views is also disappointingly conservative. [Read more...]

“It’s amazing what some people will justify through their religion, isn’t it?”

Why should it be amazing that people who adhere to their religions sincerely actually adopt the regressive or militaristic values often explicitly attributed to their god or gods in their sacred writings themselves? Isn’t that what you would expect? That they would believe in and adopt the values of their sacred texts? Let’s stop equating religion with goodness just because religions say they are the arbiters of morality and its best promoters. [Read more...]

13 Practical Strategies For Arguing With Religious Moderates

Richard Dawkins wants to encourage us to say the following to believers: “I respect you too much to accept that you really believe anything so ridiculous as you claim. Please either defend those beliefs and explain why they are not ridiculous, or else declare that you do not hold them and publicly disown the church [Read More...]