On Back Door Ways To Keep One’s Virginity (And To Defend One’s Faith)

A hilariously scathing satirical song of an absurd sexual loophole young Christians trying to remain virgins employ. Followed by some raging by me against Christian apologists who like to dismiss the seriousness of young doubters’ intellectual challenges to their faith by simply accusing them of simply trying to find excuses for having sex. [Read more...]

On the Ethics of Teasing and Mocking People, in Groups, in Friendships, and in Debates and Satire

One of the difficulties in working out the civility pledge I co-wrote and signed earlier this year was addressing the use of humor and mockery in disagreements. So let me offer a bunch of points of clarification of the use of humor to persuade. I will focus on antagonistic humor—like teasing people for what they [Read More...]

Happy Bi Pride Day

For more correct information about bisexuality, I recommend strongly Patrick RichardsFink’s new blog Eponymous Fliponymous and our 20 minute conversation this morning about various myths related to bisexuality. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Jets Worry Tim Tebow Will Be Distracted By Big City Church Life

The Onion reports: “Manhattan offers worship services at all hours of the day, with some places bearing witness to the Good News till 4 a.m.—not to mention all those millions of nonbelievers walking around to convert—and a young player with a healthy thirst for Christianity could really have himself some fun here,” said Jets coach [Read More...]

Daily Hilarity: Mr. Deity Explains Why Jesus Rode Into Jerusalem On A Donkey

[Read more...]