Jerry Coyne's Scientistic Dismissiveness Of Philosophy

UPDATE: Dr. Coyne has been kind enough to take the time to reply to my remarks (and those of Verbose Stoic) below. My reply to his riposte is the inaugural post in a new series (which I hope does not need too many installments!): Defending Philosophy 1: A Reply To Dr. Coyne. Verbose Stoic replies here. Thursday, Jerry Coyne mocked Templeton for funding a post-doc studying issues related [Read More...]

Not Everything Is Scientifically Explicable, But

in the interview I rather specifically said there were phenomena for which science is not the best tool for examination (although I would also say that there are no phenomena which require something beyond natural mechanisms). Well put, Professor Myers. Click here for the atheist biologist and blogger extraordinaire’s visit to debate religious scientist Dennis [Read More...]