The Credible Hulk

I see and share seemingly dozens of amusing memes a week, but every now and then one just has to be blogged: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Disambiguating Faith: Not All Beliefs Held Without Certainty Are Faith Beliefs

David Crowther raises a crucial point of contention: What I really want to do, is get back to the question of whether atheism is necessarily a “faith position”. If we generalize the term “faith” to mean believing or relying on something without absolute proof, than I think it is true to say that every possible [Read More...]

How Safe Are Our Doses?

Earlier this morning, I posted a new video from a scientist explaining that below certain thresholds of concentration various potential toxins are not dangerous to us.  In reply, The Vicar makes some interesting points about the difficulties in controlling how the toxins we create will concentrate in practice, even if individual products in isolation have [Read More...]