Love Is Not An Illusion. Rebutting Nihilism and Other Superstitions of Disembodied Atheism

Sometimes when atheists dismiss the value of historically religious techniques for forming communities, identities, values, and beliefs, and react viscerally against ever adopting anything that resembles such techniques for themselves, I fear that a superstition, one eerily and ironically related to characteristically religious ones, is implicitly in play. In a strange sort of way, anti-religious [Read More...]

The “Animal” Nature Of “Spiritual” Experiences

One of the implications of tracing “out of body experiences” and “going into the light” experiences to their neurological causes is the clarification that the sorts of amazing experiences long called “spiritual” and “transcendent” are deeply animal, and as such, likely shared with other animals: out-of-body experiences in humans are likely caused by the brain’s [Read More...]