Daily Hilarity: “Any Type Of Hug Is A Gateway Hug”

As we already learned previously, young Evangelical Christians are just mad crazy about the side hug: (Thanks to Chris!) More stuff evangelicals like. (Hint, premarital kissing is not one of them.) Your Thoughts? [Read more...]


Congressman John Shadegg puts words into a baby’s mouth and cites the baby as an expert on the house floor: UPDATE: Sendai Anonymous (occasional Camels With Hammers contributor and full time resident queen of adding awesome links for further reading in the comments section) reminds us of this post which solves the mystery of what must have [Read More...]

Stuff Evangelicals Like

In the spirit of the sensation Stuff White People Like, comes Stuff Christian Culture Likes which is written by a PK who married a PK.  And boy an embarrassing lot of these really take me back.  It’s eerie how on target they are.  And it’s weird to see some of the newer stuff since I [Read More...]