Does Atheism Offer Less Beauty, Mystery, and Transcendence?

A couple weeks ago I almost got to appear on a widely viewed television show. Below is a question that one of the producers of the show asked and my (relatively) brief, quickly sketched out answer, with only minor revisions. Like a religion, atheism can offer community and common cause to its adherents. But it [Read More...]

On Fulfilling Religious Impulses Both Within And Without Religion

Peaceful Atheist is a richly written blog by a Wheaton grad who deconverted from Christianity while a student at the devoutly Evangelical school.  Here are provocative thoughts which she formulated through the process of reviewing biological-anthropologist Barbara King’s Evolving God: In this broadest definition of religion, King includes the transcendent awareness that can be stimulated [Read More...]

A Materialist View Of Transcendence

Greta Christina specifically addresses the meaning of sex from within a materialist’s mindset but her points can extend to more aspects of our experience as well, I think.  The transcendent aspect of sex and of numerous other aspects of our experience can be derived from our meditative realization that we are participating in processes that [Read More...]