Why I Am Anti-Christianity (Rather Than A Christian Reformer)

On Thursday I wrote a post with ten tips for Christian evangelism from my atheistic perspective. Atop the post, I warned readers that although I was going to give sincere advice to Christians, I am myself anti-Christianity. In response to the post, I have received a gratifyingly enthusiasm in all the Christians whose responses I [Read More...]

After I Deconverted: I Was A Radical Skeptic, Irrationalist, And Nihilist—But Felt Liberated

In a series of posts, I have been describing my former Christian life and beliefs, the stage by stage process of my deconversion from Christianity, and the ways that my predominantly Christian friends and family and I each took my deconversion. I am not done with all those stories yet, but because of other posts [Read More...]

Bertrand Russell’s “Why I Am Not A Christian”

Russell reads his classic, Why I Am Not A Christian.  I find his reading and his rhetoric riveting. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]