Alright, I Promised No More “You’re Not Helping” Posts BUT

William has posted a real apology: I never meant for the blog to originally be a smear campaign against any group of people or individuals. Where I went wrong – and where the blog went wrong – was in letting my emotions get the best of me, not thinking clearly (actually not thinking at all), [Read More...]

Anatomy Of A Non-Apology

George is an old friend here at Camels With Hammers, a poster whose extremely perceptive comments (both emotionally and intellectually) inspired me to write many of my favorite posts (more than I can remember offhand, but most memorably including Character As Fate And Environment As Variability, On The Meaning Of Meaning, The Complicated Relationship Of An Apostate To [Read More...]

Fraud And Schadenfreude: The You’re Not Helping Archives And Post-Mortems

Quiche Moraine has a humorous poem up telling the tragedy of the You’re Not Helping blog and then a nice piece on Sock Puppets and a link to the archive where you can now relive the entire saga, up to the last post in which the big confession was made, which is not there in the [Read More...]

You’re Not Helping Blog Confesses To Deception

“William”, the 23 year old male blogger behind You’re Not Helping had claimed to be several people, including an older woman (whose alleged presence he tried to use as a license to treat Ophelia Benson in a sexist manner). Earlier tonight he confessed to being just one blogger and to writing comments under pseudonyms to [Read More...]

What Exactly Are We Supposed To Be Doing?

You’re Not Helping responds to my defense of the Freedom From Religion Foundation: Camels with Hammers has posted a bit of commentary on the Do Nothings. First and foremost, they cry foul on us for unjustly misrepresenting the goals of the FFRF Wait, no, first and foremost, I agreed with You’re Not Helping that it is unfair to accuse [Read More...]

The Gulf Disaster: Prayer And Priorities

Some atheists online have mocked calls for prayer made by Obama and legislators.  You’re Not Helping argues that while there is clearly something awful about treating prayer as a substitute for practical action (such as when true believers in “faith healing” forgo actual medical treatment for prayer) not all those who turn to prayer are [Read More...]

Atheist Bullies

people had taken PZs post to the extreme of trying to invade this 18-year-old high school student’s personal life with focused harrassment and vituperation on not only an internet comment board, but in person via his personal phone number and *again very, very disturbing* actual physical home/family, as well. [Read more...]