Sermon Series Retrospective: The Book of J

The four main original independent sources used to compile the early books of the Bible are called J, E, D, and P. Similar to the “Q Source” used to compose the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, J-E-D-P are each shorthand for the full title scholars have given to these sources. The Book of J, which stands for the “Jahwist.” Normally, we English-speakers would begin spelling YaHWeH with a “Y,” but the landmark scholars who developed this “Documentary Hypothesis” were Germans. I particularly recommend t … [Read more...]

Jungian Spirituality: A Sermon Series Retrospective

For Lent, I preached a five-part series on Jungian Spirituality, based on Joyce Rockwood Hudson's book Natural Spirituality: Recovering the Wisdom Tradition in Christianity. The following is a brief description of each of the sermons in this series:Confronting the Unconscious: From Supernatural to Natural Spirituality We should be extraordinarily careful about attributing causation to God and meaning to events. And I am, by no means, promoting a variation of the harmful canard that “ … [Read more...]

Sermon Series Retrospective: “The Gospel According to Mark”

During Ordinary Time in 2010, we studied The Gospel According to Mark. The following are the sermon titles and a brief excerpt of the content. Most of the sermon titles are links to the full manuscript. Some of the earliest sermons in this series are not online, but copies are available on request:"What Is the Good News of Broadview?" (Mark 1) The only reliably effective way of growing a church is for the current members of the church to tap into their existing social networks. As continue t … [Read more...]

Sermon Series Retrospective: “The Gospel According to Matthew”

During Ordinary Time in 2011, we studied The Gospel According to Matthew. The following are the sermon titles and a brief excerpt of the content:“The Fathers (and Mothers!) of Jesus” (Matthew 1) Given the ‘dirty laundry’ in Jesus’ family tree, the ironic and unexpected — yet nevertheless clear — invitation is to see that no matter who you are, what you’ve done, or who your family is, God is working through you to birth new life, new love, and new hope in the world. “Listening to God in Your … [Read more...]

Sermon Series Retrospective: “Holy Adventure”

For Lent 2011, we studied Bruce Epperly's book Holy Adventure: 41 Days of Audacious Living. The following are the sermon titles and a brief excerpt of the content:“Life Is a Holy Adventure” Being fully present — even to the most mundane tasks — can allow you to experience the sacred and cultivate gratitude for the simple joy of being alive. “Transforming God” What does it look like to read the Bible for “formation” instead of “information?” Why would you want to “Start slowly, so that grad … [Read more...]

Sermon Series Retrospective: “The Prayer of Jesus”

For Epiphany 2011, we studied The Prayer of Jesus (also known as "The Lord's Prayer") line-by-line. The following are the scripture references, sermon titles, and a brief excerpt of the content:"Rabbi, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1). Teach Us To Pray: "How differently might Christianity look if we learned at an early age to ask with sincerity 'Teach us to pray'?" “Our Father in heaven” (Matthew 6:9a). Praying in the Plural: Jesus is teaching us to pray “our” first, not “my”; “we” before “ … [Read more...]