Guidelines for Spiritual Autobiography

Phil Foster gave me the following document. What a splendid set of questions! This list will probably appear in his forthcoming book. Meanwhile, Phil gave me permission to post the list here so that readers of this journal might join with me in pondering over the forces and circumstances that shape one's spiritual journey. Happy musing! … [Read more...]

Richard Rohr on Karl Rahner

"I am told that Karl Rahner, the German Jesuit theologian who was an expert at Vatican II, concluded toward the end of his life that there were two major groups of people in the world - those who want certitude and those who want understanding. I would very much agree with that, and just add that those two groups have a very hard time understanding one another!" —Richard Rohr, Beyond 'Certitude and Order', Sojourners Magazine, March 2005 … [Read more...]

A Friend’s Advice

I think the best explanation of why you are following your path is to live it and not point out the failings of other paths. — Jill Marsh Knous (via email) … [Read more...]

An Irish Prayer

I learned this from Charles, my friend and Irish speaker:Go raibh mé cróga mar tharbh. Go raibh mé caoin mar uain. Go raibh mé eagnaí mar bradán.Beannacht ar mo mhuintir. Beannacht ar mo chairde. Beannacht ar mo chuid oibre.May I be as brave as a bull. May I be as gentle as a lamb. May I be as wise as a salmon.Blessing upon my kindred. Blessing upon my friends. Blessing upon my portion of work. … [Read more...]

Eleanor Roosevelt on Inferiority

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." —Eleanor Roosevelt … [Read more...]

Pope John Paul II on Love

"Love converts hearts and gives peace." — Pope John Paul II's final message to the church … [Read more...]

Flannery O’Connor on Dogma

"Dogma can in no way limit a limitless God. The person outside the Church attaches a different meaning to it than the person in. For me a dogma is only a gateway to contemplation and is an instrument of freedom and not of restriction. It preserves mystery for the human mind. Henry James said the young woman of the future would know nothing of mystery and manners. He had no business to limit it to one sex." —Flannery O'Connor, "Faith and Mystery" from Spiritual Writings … [Read more...]