An Irish Prayer

I learned this from Charles, my friend and Irish speaker:

Go raibh mé cróga mar tharbh.
Go raibh mé caoin mar uain.
Go raibh mé eagnaí mar bradán.

Beannacht ar mo mhuintir.
Beannacht ar mo chairde.
Beannacht ar mo chuid oibre.

May I be as brave as a bull.
May I be as gentle as a lamb.
May I be as wise as a salmon.

Blessing upon my kindred.
Blessing upon my friends.
Blessing upon my portion of work.

  • lothie

    Wise as a SALMON???

    • Carl McColman

      Yes. In Irish myth, the salmon is an embodiment of wisdom.

  • preacha

    earthmystic, this is lovely. my partner is a fly fisherman, and i want to forward this to him. where is it from? is it written in gaelic?