Pope John Paul II on Love

“Love converts hearts and gives peace.”

— Pope John Paul II’s final message to the church

Seven Essential Thomas Merton Books
Seven Essential Thomas Merton Books
Beatrice of Nazareth: Seven Manners of Divine Love
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  • http://satyrblade.livejournal.com/ satyrblade

    Yep. As I said in my own post on the subject, as Popes go, this one was pretty good.

    • http://reikimaster.livejournal.com/ reikimaster

      except for, you know, the blatent misogyny

      • http://satyrblade.livejournal.com/ satyrblade

        …which, as I noted in my own LJ, is a fixture of almost every established religion – and one that really needs to go!

  • http://kaijugirl.livejournal.com/ kaijugirl

    Tis so true…

  • http://keith_dragon.livejournal.com/ keith_dragon

    Being both raised Catholic, as well a Polish, he had a strong place in my heart, and I can’t help but feel a sense of loss with his moving on. With all things equal in this world, he was a man of pure dignity, truth, love, and honor and a wonderful roll model.