Yet another guilty pleasure…

I have a weakness for comic movies about scoundrels. Waking Ned Devine and Saving Grace are two of my favorite films, the DVDs in my collection having been watched on multiple occasions (okay, so Saving Grace isn’t really about a scoundrel, but the protagonist does a pretty scoundrel-esque thing in growing the largest marijuana crop in Cornwall. And she proceeds to fall in love with a first-rate scoundrel). And of course, there’s Blues Brothers, and the Black Adder British television series… ah, the list of great scoundrel flicks could go on and on.

And so, I do declare, Wedding Crashers, the must-see movie of the summer, is a scoundrel flick of the first order. If you haven’t seen it yet, go. You’ll laugh your butt off. At least, if you have a sense of humor like mine you will.

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