Brigid’s Well, Meditation/Centering Prayer, Pagan Pride in NYC and Harry Potter…

If you live in Atlanta, come out for Brigid’s Well: kingofthewho and I are leading a series of classes called “Taliesin, Shamanism and the Bardic Mysteries” based on the similarly-titled book by John Matthews. Tonight’s session is on Cerridwen and the Goddesses of Inspiration. We meet from 6-8 PM every Sunday night at the Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore, 5531 Roswell Road, Atlanta; cost is $10.

Also for Atlanta folks: on Tuesday, I’m teaching a class at the Phoenix and Dragon called “Meditation for the Meditationally Challenged.” Since I’ve been reading up on Centering Prayer lately, think of this class as a non-sectarian introduction to centering meditation. Class runs from 7 to 9 and costs $10.

If you live in the New York area, listen to Columbia University’s radio station on October 14 for a segment by Christa Marshall on Pagan Pride. She’s interviewing me, thanks to my being the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Paganism.

And a reminder to those interested in Centering Prayer (the practice of receiving the gift of God’s presence through loving silence): Thomas Keating will be speaking and signing books at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church next Sunday, October 16, at 1:30; cost is $20. And the following Saturday, October 22, an introductory workshop on Centering Prayer will be offered at the Trappist Monastery in Conyers, GA; the event runs from 9 to 4 and costs only $15. To register, send your check payable to Monastery of the Holy Spirit to Mary-Mead Mead, 3896 Pointers Way, Conyers, GA 30094. And yes, I’m going.

And finally, for my Atlanta friends—here’s your reward for reading this entire post: would folks like to plan an event for the night that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is released? I’d love to get a big ol’ group of folks to go see the movie together and then go to someone’s house for after-film munchies and conversation. Let me know if you’re interested. The night we’re talking about is November 18. And maybe we can do it again three weeks later when The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe comes out.

  • reikimaster

    yay! Harry Potter! I’d love to go. Only it MUST be an IMAX showing. it’s Imax all the way, baby. Imax is not seeing a movie, it’s becoming the movie. if we wanted to do dinner, there are plenty of great places to eat around there – Olive Garden, PF Chang, Macaroni Grill, REd Lobster, Ruby TUesday, Long Horn, Chillis’, Johnny’s Pizza, and more.

    or after, we could all come to my place – uh. wait. let me check with doug.

  • reikimaster

    could we keep Nov 19th open if sat works better for folks?

    • Carl McColman

      A lot of people at Brigid’s Well seemed unwilling to drive up to Buford for the iMax, esp. on a Friday night. So I’m currently thinking that on Friday the 18th we could have a party in the Marietta/Sandy Springs area on a conventional movie screen, and on Saturday do the iMax up at Mall of Georgia. That keeps everyone happy both in terms of geography and type of theatre — plus it gives me (and any other Potter-head among us) an excuse to see the movie twice…

      • reikimaster

        works for me!

  • christhebrain

    I’m all about it!