A basically illiterate Brazilian couple has created a community library in their own home. Staffed entirely by volunteers and consisting only of donated books, it now boasts 10,000 volumes and has become a center of activity in their impoverished neighborhood. The library’s founders explain that, even though they can barely read, their hope is to help others. Read the story here.

  • Anonymous

    Your post is aptly titled. Thank you for sharing this touching and inspiring story. It humbles me and helps me to remember that each of us can make a difference, something that is so hard to believe, sometimes. Peace ~ twyla

  • http://heartwork.livejournal.com/ heartwork

    wow, that’s a wierd coincidence….i was thinking how we have our tiny one room libraries in our area and wondering how well it would work to “start a new library”.

  • http://christhebrain.livejournal.com/ christhebrain

    Beautiful. :)