The String Cheese Incident on Silence

“The silence in your head
Is louder than a hurricane
The silence in your head
Will never let you go”

— Malcolm Burn and Kyle Hollingsworth, “Silence in Your Head,”
from One Step Closer by String Cheese Incident

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  1. String Cheese incident :-) Hi Carl!

  2. I love SCI despite having only one CD of theirs. They are one of my listed interests on my LJ info page.

    Hmmmm….but when I think about the quote you offered from them, I start to think that my head is never silent except as a result of sustained meditation. And then, if I found a hurricane there, I’d probably welcome it. The hurricane would probably clear out unusable thoughts and as well as blocked up mental pathways filled with the nasty gunk of nervous ticks and the sludge of self-blame and others-blame, and who needs that trash anyway. bring on the hurricane.

    What do you do with the Indigo Girls? They fuse Christian and Native American imagery beautifully.

    “I wish I was a nomad, an indian or a saint. The edge of death would disappear, leave me nothing left to taint. I wish I was a nomad, an indian or a saint. Give me walking shoes, feathered arms and a key to heaven’s gate.”

    and again,:

    “We own nothing; nothing is ours. Not even love so fierce, it burns like baby stars. But this poverty is our greatest gift: the weightlessness of us as things around us begin to shift.”

    • I adore the Girls, esp. since they’re from Decatur near where I love. Emily’s dad teaches at Emory University’s School of Theology, which I think may help to explain some of the intelligent religiosity found in their lyrics. Nomads • Indians • Saints is far and away my favorite of their albums. “World Falls” is just one of many delights on that CD. As for the SCI quote, I think it’s a wonderful mini-koan for any of us who dance with the practice of meditation; your comment suggests to me that you know something of the playful irony contained therein.

      • …near where I love.

        I see Freud is alive and well in my cranium this afternoon. Actually, I rather prefer to think that I love everywhere, not just in Decatur near where I live.

    • This is my favorite Indigo Girls line:

      “A lesson learned, a loving God, and things in their own time:
      In nothing more do I trust”

      (from the song “Everything In Its Own Time”)

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