Virginia, Again

Tomorrow morning I leave for my fifth trip to Williamsburg and Hampton, Virginia in as many months. I’ll be staying with donniemac_33050 and visiting my mom and dad, who now live in a retirement community (my mom in assisted living). My brother has been busy cleaning out my folks’ condominium, which is scheduled to be sold later this month. I’m going up to help him sort through stuff as well as simply spend some time with the folks.

With the sale of the condo, we’re hoping that things will stabilize somewhat with our parents. If that’s so, I probably won’t be back up to Virginia until the December holidays.

Bless Airtran—with the price of gas these days, it is literally as cheap for me to fly as it would be to drive (probably much cheaper actually, given that the last time I drove up I spent almost $500 in car repairs and a speeding ticket). I’ll be flying home on Saturday, in time for a Sunday spent hanging out with gratefulbear and other mystical Christians, before going to the evening’s brigidswell meeting.

Please keep me and donniemac_33050 in your prayers. Even though mom and dad seem to be at peace with the transition, this process is nonetheless pretty emotionally wrenching.

  • blackdragon5

    My husband and I have gone through the same situation with both of our moms within the last six months. They now live in the same assisted living facility and have gotten to be best friends! Neither one really wanted to leave her old home but they just couldn’t stay alone any more. It sure is easier now that they are both in the same town with us. I wish you and your family the best. Take care!

  • dancingwriter

    Thinking of you!