Where to go in Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Virginia is a wonderful little town, and my brother donniemac_33050 and sister-in-law have lived here since early 2002. What’s nice about a community this size is that it’s easy to make friends with business owners and shop proprietors, and there are several establishments where Don and Julie are regulars. Since I’ve been up here five times since my mom had her stroke in June, I’m beginning to get to know some of these folks, too. So when you come to visit Williamsburg, be sure to visit these places: for coffee and light meals, check out Aromas Coffeehouse and Bakeshop (kind of like a yuppified version of Decatur GA’s Java Monkey), and for your reading pleasure be sure to visit Mermaid Books, a charming little shop tucked away in the basement of a building (alas, not wheelchair accessible) that is crammed with a wonderful array of used and antiquarian books (today I picked up two books: Dag Hammarskjöld’s Markings and Michael Mott’s The Seven Mountains of Thomas Merton). Both of these shops are located on the same block of Prince George Street in Williamsburg’s Merchant Square district, near the College of William and Mary and the historical district. Both are locally owned and operated, as well (sure, Starbucks and Barnes & Noble are nearby, buy why spend money in a shop you can visit anywhere?).

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  • http://kissmythistle.livejournal.com/ kissmythistle

    Oh, my, do I miss The Burg. I may have to plan a weekend trip there soon.

    • http://anamchara.com/ Carl McColman

      Did you go to college at William & Mary?

      • http://highlandknife.livejournal.com/ highlandknife

        Yes, from 80-84. ;-)

  • http://blackdragon5.livejournal.com/ blackdragon5

    My husband and I were in Williamsburg about a month ago. We loved it