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  • telynor

    Explaining all the amazing and wonderful things J did on the phone to you and having you say, with some measure of surprise, “Gwen, those are just the things someone who really loves you does.

    Planning the first part of the Brigid’s Well cosmology course with you at Starbuck’s. :)

  • smellybeast

    I remember being happy when I first found your blog, because I felt a kindred spirit in you, but disappointed because you never wrote back to my comments.

    I try to temper this disappointment by telling myself that you’re a busy man with lots of readers and real life friends who write in your journal. Ah well…

    • Carl McColman

      Well, at least let me respond to this comment. I will confess, I’m more likely to respond to comments left by people with whom I have a face to face connection. But I do read every comment. So thanks for reading and responding.

      I just popped over to your user info page to see where you are. I have several wonderful friends in the Bay Area, and have never been there myself, but someday I’ll make it out there, and when I do, let’s meet for a drink. Meanwhile, happy birthday a few days late! You share a birthday with my dear friend .

  • triest


  • wheezinggirl

    There are so many. There is an entire trip to ireland that I don’t think I could break down into just one memory.

    But there was also the time when M and I met you for the first time at the P&D and went to dinner with you and your family. I know that I felt so embraced and as if these were friends we had my whole life, but I had only just met you for the first time in person.

  • autographedcat

    I have many good memories of you. The two that spring first to mind are showing you episodes of Coupling with and watching you convulse with laughter, and sitting around the table in London and listening to you tell stories of your travels and looking at the pictures you took in Norwich.

    • Carl McColman

      And I now own all four seasons of Coupling on DVD; what a monster you created. Here’s a memory I have related to you, that’s rather oblique: that very day when we watched said episodes of Coupling together — which as you may recall was a hellish day for because she had just had major car trouble — when I left your apartment, I checked my cellphone, and found that I had a message from Beliefnet; that’s when they offered me the job to be a tourguide in Ireland.

  • apel

    I don’t know you very well but I found you when searching on “contemplative Paganism” on Google. When it turned out that you’re now more Christian than Pagan I was disappointed but I stuck around. Of the entries I remember the most were probably the ones about your parents and their recent move into an apartment complex for the elderly. Those were pretty heart wrenching.

    • Carl McColman

      Thanks for sticking around. I’m very happy to have contemplative Pagans in my life, and I assume that means you. I’ve just changed the banner on my blog to self-identify as a “Postmodern Neoplatonist.” One of the commonalities I see between postmodernism and neoplatonism is the ease with which they cross the line that separates Pagan and Christian. Pagans who choose to hang in there when I prattle on about the Blessed Sacrament are, therefore, an inspiration! I see you’re in London; so is one of my best friends (). Perhaps someday our paths will cross.

  • gratefulbear

    I still have fond memories of the bank heist we pulled in Oakland that time, and the Mafia doctor who took care of the bullet wound in your leg…

    Ah, those were the days!

    • Carl McColman

      I’m surprised you didn’t mention those three young ladies in Havana, or the “little business deal” in Thailand that went south!

  • blyssmouse

    A moonlit night at a PhoenixPhyre event… fire dancers and a pumped up stage… I also remember having breakfast with you on a bench and listening to the world through your eyes. At the moment, I needed that uplift.

  • blackdragon5

    I have never met you in person and maybe never will but I count you among my friends because I have learned and even grown from reading your journal entries and the comments of others. Thank you for always making me think!

  • blumuun

    the lunch we had at the 5 with Meredith and Steve. we had great conversation. nice to hang out outside of work!

  • kaijugirl

    I remember… your asking me if I lived anywhere near Atlanta for the Christian mystic meetups. That’s the first thing that came to mind.

    Oh, and I’ve found a church out here… I like it very much so far. It’s in Bellingham, and called St. Paul’s, and it’s got a large music program, plenty of adult ed, very Anglo-Catholic liturgy, and many friendly people. Nice stained glass windows, too.

  • indigoluna

    At the Dead show last year

    I remember running into you and a friend of yours at
    intermission last year at HiFi Buys at The Dead….:-)

    I have also spoken with you at Starbridge a couple of times
    at either Autumnfest or Starfest. I cant remember which one.
    You had your books there one year. These folks are my
    closest extended pagan family!