7s and 2s

2007 is not yet three weeks old and already it’s shaping up to be a momentous year. Not only did my mother die on the fourth day of January, but I am very likely going to enter the process of becoming a Lay Cistercian (the closest thing the Trappists have to secular oblates) — something that will happen on Palm Sunday (which, delightfully, is on April 1 this year).

That this will be a notable year for me is not particularly surprising, however, for in looking back over the last 30 years, I notice that years ending in “7″ or “2″ have always been particularly momentous in my life. Consider:

  • In 1977, I experienced my spiritual awakening — an event I recounted in The Aspiring Mystic;
  • In 1982, I graduated from college and moved to suburban Washington, DC;
  • In 1987, I moved to Atlanta (for the first time);
  • In 1992, I met my wife; and, following a serious car accident, made a commitment to become a professional writer;
  • In 1997, my first book (Spirituality) was published;
  • In 2002, I made my first trip to Ireland (hard to believe that was only five years ago!);

and now, in 2007, my mom died and I am discerning a possible vocation to be a Lay Cistercian.

Stay tuned. I think the next several months or so ought to be interesting…

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  • http://frimmin.com Jon Zuck

    I bet they will! I’m glad you have happier news this time.



  • http://lesrev4jesus.blogspot.com Cindi G.

    Hi Carl,
    I just picked up a copy of your Idiots Guide to Paganism. Just as your Idiot’s Guide to Celtic Wisdom, this one’s a winner! I appreciate all your hard work on these books. Every one I read hits home. Thanks.