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I invite readers of this blog to visit my old blog on Livejournal. I’ve set up a poll there to gauge interest in book reviews in a blog context.

One of the problems I’ve had with blogging is that I write better when I have a focus, and my blog has always felt, well, un-focussed. Before I went on blog-hiatus, what little focus my blog had was mostly about promoting myself and my books, which is what led to my blog’s demise — that was a focus I simply lost interest in, it felt fake and forced and not from my heart. So for the past several months I’ve been trying to find the “heart center” of my blog, and I’m still not sure what that looks like. But now I have an idea.

It involves book reviews. I read voraciously and I love to tell people about books I enjoy. I used to write reviews regularly for PanGaia and Atlanta’s own Aquarius magazine, but as my reading center of gravity has moved toward classical mysticism and away from contemporary new age and neopagan writing, those print gigs have pretty much dried up. So I’m thinking, “Why not a blog totally built around book reviews?”

Really it’s an expansion of the “111 Mystics” concept — only I wouldn’t limit myself to just the great mystics. Anything, from children’s books to bawdy humor to travel guides to the latest left-wing screed would be fodder for the review mill. Meanwhile, I’m not saying I won’t pepper my blog with my theological angst and heartwarmingly cranky opinions — just that said angst and opinion would now be expressed in the context of whatever review I happen to be writing.

So here’s the question for you, my small band of as-yet-loyal readers (or whoever happens to stumble across this post): is this an idea worth pursuing. In other words, would you be interested in following a blog that is strictly book reviews?

Please visit the original post on Live Journal and participate in the poll and/or leave a comment. Note: if I do move in the focus-on-book-reviews direction, it will be at this blog, not at LiveJournal (LJ readers can subscribe to this blog via RSS).

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  1. Wow. When you start writing, you start writing! Great! I’ll visit the poll in a minute.

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