Praying in the Cellar

Praying in the Cellar: A Guide to Facing Your Fears and Finding God (A Voice from the Monastery Series) By Anthony DeLisi, O.C.S.O. Brewster, MA: Paraclete Press, 2005 Review by Carl McColmanOkay, first a disclaimer: not only have I known Fr. Anthony for over a year now, but I work for him (he's one of the monks in charge of the Abbey Store, where for my day job I manage the website and do marketing) and he is also a spiritual father of mine, since I have (as of April 1) become a novice of the … [Read more...]


I'm not sure if I know what the "new monasticism" is, but this weekend event sure sounds interesting:Inhabiting the Church: New Monasticism and God's RevolutionIf nothing else, the website for this event lists two books that sound interesting: Shane Claiborne's The Irresistible Revolution and an anthology called School(s) for Conversion: 12 Marks of a New Monasticism. … [Read more...]

A Sign of the Apocalypse???

Spotted in the April 2 issue of Christian Retailer — a company called "Fishermen Inc." out of Los Angeles has launched a line of nine "collectible figurines depicting Jesus in nine modern-day likenesses."Modern day likenesses indeed! These nine figurines depict Jesus, always sporting his fashionable crown of thorns, in these ultra-contemporary manners:Playing SoccerPlaying FootballOn a SkateboardOn a bucking bull (shown above)Riding a motorcycleSurfingRock climbingAs a homeless person holding a s … [Read more...]

Soularizing the Bahamas

Looking for a good excuse to go to the Bahamas? Now you no longer have to pretend it's just because you want to visit Anna Nicole Smith's gravesite. Instead, you could be participating in this event that looks like it will be just too much fun for its own good: SOULarize (A Learning Party) — October 25-27, 2007 Nassau, BahamasJoin TheOOZE's global community for a learning experience that will truly be one of a kind ... Soularize 2007 is a yearlong online collaborative learning journey which w … [Read more...]

Rosaries of Divine Union

All too often in contemporary Catholicism, the "rosary crowd" and the "centering prayer crowd" inhabit opposite ends of the theological spectrum. So I was happy to find this site that celebrates the contemplative dimension of using the rosary — bringing the kataphatic and apophatic dimensions of spiritual practice together.Rosaries of Divine Union: The Contemplative Dimension of PrayerOn the website you will find a variety of different tools to use with the rosary, integrating a wide array o … [Read more...]

Thomas Merton’s Newest Titles…

It seems as if Thomas Merton has become the Jimi Hendrix of Christian mystics. After Hendrix's death, the record labels went into a tizzy as they set about to release (and re-release) just about any Hendrix recording, regardless of its quality. Likewise, almost forty years after Merton's death, the books are still coming out thick and fast, featuring both recycled material as well as the occasional "never-before-published" gem. Fortunately, Merton's life and creativity were far less mercurial … [Read more...]

Into Great Silence (continued)

Maria of the Spiritual Birdwatching blog posted this review of Into Great Silence. And from her post I found this review by Benedicta Cipolla.I don't think I've been this excited about an upcoming movie since The Return of the King. … [Read more...]