A Sign of the Apocalypse???

Spotted in the April 2 issue of Christian Retailer — a company called “Fishermen Inc.” out of Los Angeles has launched a line of nine “collectible figurines depicting Jesus in nine modern-day likenesses.”

Modern day likenesses indeed! These nine figurines depict Jesus, always sporting his fashionable crown of thorns, in these ultra-contemporary manners:

  • Playing Soccer
  • Playing Football
  • On a Skateboard
  • On a bucking bull (shown above)
  • Riding a motorcycle
  • Surfing
  • Rock climbing
  • As a homeless person holding a sign “Will work 4 food”
  • Dressed in army camouflage and holding a dove

You can visit their website and see all nine of these designs in excruciating detail. Just surf on over to www.wearefishermen.com.

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  • http://morven.livejournal.com/ morven

    That’s not realistic at all. I mean the hat would have gotten impaled on the crown of thorns when he rode out into the ring, and when he pulled it off it’d either be torn, or stuck inside leaving marks on his head.

    I mean, how ridiculous. :D

  • http://liadan_giolla_b.livejournal.com/ liadan_giolla_b

    Hmm, is this a statement of the supremacy of Christianity over Paganism (symbolized by the Bull)


    • http://anamchara.com/ Carl McColman

      Not all Paganism. Just Mithraism.

  • http://ysabetwordsmith.livejournal.com/ ysabetwordsmith

    Wow, He Gets Around!

    I saw that you added me to your Friends list — thank you! — so I moseyed over here.

    I think the Jesus figurines are hilarious. (He would probably approve of “Will Work 4 Food”…) One year the Archon art show featured several pictures of Jesus in modern forms; the ones I remember are Mexican Wrestling Jesus and Superhero Action Figure Jesus.

    • http://anamchara.com/ Carl McColman

      Re: Wow, He Gets Around!

      Nice to see you here on LJ, although these days I do most of my writing in my wordpress blog: http://mccolman.wordpress.com. Stop by and say hello sometime.

  • http://vogelbeere.livejournal.com/ vogelbeere

    Finally, I found something I can actually identify as blasphemy (a blasphemy towards Yeshua and towards art)! That is truly ghastly.