It’s Official…

I just received my letter requesting my presence for initiation into the novitiate of the Lay-Cistercians of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit, this coming Palm Sunday.

Thus will begin a five year (minimum) spiritual formation process, in which I will be instructed by Cistercian monks and other Lay-Cistercians on how to live according to the Rule of Benedict and the charisms of the Cistercian order, within my state of life as a married layman.

Wow. I’m excited — and a little bit nervous.

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  1. Dear Friend – Deepest congratulations. What an adventure. May God richly bless your journey. Can friends attend your initiation? Peace,PF

  2. Sorry, but it’s a private ceremony. Lay-Cistercians and their immediate families only. I think Fran plans on being there. So if you want the lurid details, you’ll have to ask her.

    Don’t know about future passages. I think the transition from novice to junior is also private, but the life promises (equivalent to the life vows/solemn profession of a monk) may be more of a public celebration. But assuming I go the distance, that won’t be for at least another five years.

  3. Carl, that is awesome! Congrats! I always figured you for more of a Franciscan, though…

  4. There is a secular Franciscan group here in metro Atlanta, but they seem to be much more of a “party line Catholic” organization and less of a contemplative community. No offense there, but that’s just not where I belong. I get all my environmental impulses nurtured via the Celtic tradition (and there have been Cistercians in Ireland for a long, long time!).

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