The Countdown Begins…

So what do I do when I’m not reading ancient mystics like John Cassian or the Pseudo-Dionysius, or modern mystics like Ken Wilber or Thomas Merton? Well, for at least between now and about the third week in July, I’ll be reading Harry Potter.

This morning I figured out that there are (counting today) 129 days until the seventh and final Harry Potter adventure is unleashed upon the world. Meanwhile, in volumes one through six there are a total of 162 chapters. See where I’m going? By reading a chapter or two a day, I can re-read all the previous six books and have the complete “story thus far” freshly in mind when I take on the Deathly Hallows come this July 21.

And still have time for reading Evelyn Underhill and Teresa of Avila and Julian of Norwich and all those other interesting mystical types.

No, really, I have a life. Don’t worry about me. My world is filled with loving and caring people, and while I don’t have a lot of money or possessions, I do have all that I need, with just enough wants to keep things interesting. I am without doubt one of the most lucky, blessed and fortunate of people I know. But if you geek out on the mystics as much as I do (which is likely, considering that you’re reading this blog), then maybe you need to toss off a chapter or two out of a kid’s book every night before you go to bed, too…

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  • kay

    Aaaaahhhh! I hadn’t realized that this was going to be the last book! Sigh. :(

    kay (aka neosnoia, aka songs of unforgetting)