Today I was visiting Jon Zuck’s wonderful blog The Wild Things of God and I noticed on his header an interesting link that read “16,817th day, 568th moon. (85%).” Intrigued, I clicked on the link which took me to an old post of his, where he notes how he was inspired to calculate his age in days, rather than years, by Peter Russell, author of From Science to God. In Jon’s own words:

I was interested in tracking days for the same reason he was, to think about time differently, and to encourage myself to see each day as a new event, full of all the possibility it contains. But it’s not easy to make that work without having frequent reminders of the number. So, I adapted his Javascript for my own site and have a reminder for myself in the very header of the page. (I also added calculations for how many lunar cycles I have lived, and what percentage of this cycle is complete.) If you’d like to calculate your age in days, go to http://peterussell.com/age.html.

I took the bait and discovered that, as of today, I am 16,928 days old. And on June 23rd of this year I’ll hit the big 17k. Sounds like an excuse for a ripsnorting party.