Ave Maris Stella

I poked around online this morning looking for a decent English translation of the Ava Maris Stella. I couldn’t find one, so I reached deep into the “inactive” files within my subconscious and pulled out enough of my college Latin to compose my own translation (er, paraphrase). Feel free to use it in your own devotions…

Hail, Star of the Sea, fostering mother of God,
and ever-virgin, felicitous door to Heaven.

Gabriel hailed you, and through your reply
You brought peace to us, the children of Eve.

Break the chains of the guilty, send light to the blind,
Dispel our errors, and obtain all good things.

Reveal your maternal nature, offer our prayers to your Son,
Whom, having been born through you, became our Saviour.

Singular virgin, most humble of all,
Make us humble and faithful, as our sins are forgiven.

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