Merton Institute for Contemplative Living

I just found a tasty little website: the Merton Institute for Contemplative Living. Essentially devoted to preserving the work and legacy of Thomas Merton, the site by extension also promotes “Merton’s vision for a just and peaceful world” and seeks to “awaken interest in contemplative living through the works of” Merton. But beware of the “Resources Catalog” link: it could be dangerous to your bank account. The various audio series struck me as particularly tasty, especially the recordings of the conferences on Merton’s perspectives on Judaism, Buddhism, and Eastern Orthodox Spirituality.

Sanctity and Struggle, or, Why Saints Have Chaotic Inner Lives (Hint: It's Because We All Do)
Preliminary Practices for Christian Contemplatives
Pentecost and Ecstasy
What Has Not Yet Been Revealed
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  • Traci

    off topic question:
    I have been searching for a new test. scripture I read long years ago, and having no luck, thought I would ask around for help. The scripture, as I remember, was basically about a man coming to one of the apostles to ask whether someone living far away on an island, or some such, who had never heard the gospel would be ‘saved’. The response was that even in that far off place a person could walk outside and look up at the sky, to see the stars, sun and moon, and acknowledge that there is a creator.

    Do you recall this, and if so, WHERE IS IT!?? :)

  • Carl McColman

    Sounds like an interesting story, but to the best of my knowledge it’s nowhere in the canonical New Testament. Perhaps in one of the Gnostic Gospels?

  • Michael

    Not quite a desert island, but the teaching is found in Romans chapter 1.