New Life for Old Interviews

From 1997 to 2001 I was a buyer for the New Leaf Company, a wholesaler of Mind/Body/Spirit books, music, and gift merchandise. New Leaf publishes a trade magazine/catalog called New Leaves, which would feature book excerpts, interviews, and industry news. During my tenure at New Leaf I conducted a number of interviews for the magazine; I’ve just posted three of my favorites to this website. Follow the links and enjoy.

  • Where No One or Nothing is Excluded — I interviewed Irish poet and visionary John O’Donohue for the July 1999 issue of New Leaves. Reading it today, it’s eerie how he all but predicted the horrors of 9/11 and beyond.
  • Return of an Angel — One of my favorite bands from my teen years is Renaissance, a melodic, classically-influenced progressive rock band whose music and lyrics were unabashed mystical. So it was truly a treat for me to conduct this interview with Annie Haslam, the lead vocalist of Renaissance, in which we discuss her solo career as well as her spirituality.

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