We want clean energy in the South!

If you live in Georgia — or if you care about preventing the proliferation of nuclear power — the following message which I just received from my friend and environmental activist Stephen Wing will be of interest to you. Please: don’t just read this… take action once you do.

Greetings, friends –

A few years back, Georgia Power dropped its incentive programs for energy conservation among its customers. Now it is proposing a new long-range plan that contains virtually no provision for conserving energy and increasing efficiency. Instead it proposes to build two new reactors at Plant Vogtle in Burke County, Georgia.

Today (Tues. April 24) at 9:45 am, the Public Service Commission held the first of three public hearings on this plan. If you didn’t make it, mark your calendar for May 11 (10:00 am) or May 16 (11:00 am). All three hearings are happening at the PSC’s hearing room, 224 Washington St. SW, 1st floor, in downtown Atlanta near the capitol.

If you prefer, you can write or call the PSC instead with your comments. For more information, including the address and phone number for comments, check the website of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

Here’s my statement:

Nuclear energy is unique among energy sources for its extreme expense and extreme profitability. It’s so expensive that no nuclear power plant would ever have been built without taxpayer subsidies. It’s profitable for power companies only because the taxpayers pay most of the expense (including unknown health and cleanup costs extending thousands of years into the future). It’s so dangerous that no insurance company will cover a nuclear power plant. So the Price-Anderson Act limits the power company’s liability for potential nuclear accidents, leaving the risk almost entirely to the taxpayers. No one has ever come up with a workable plan to clean up nuclear fuel production plants or decommissioned nuclear power plants, and even temporary storage of nuclear waste is incredibly expensive and dangerous (usually involving transportation over public highways). So all plans for cleanup of nuclear waste are government programs. Georgia Power would never be proposing nuclear power if it had to pay these costs itself. This proposal therefore amounts to a proposal for Georgia Power to make huge profits at the expense of the taxpayers. Please reject it and insist on a plan that serves the public interest instead of private bank accounts.

Thanks for caring – peace, Wing

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