Virginia Tech

I’m a Virginia boy who graduated from James Madison and George Mason Universities. But one of my earliest childhood memories involved my family piling in the car to take my brother, fourteen years older than me, off to his freshman year at Virginia Tech. That was just one year before a depressed graduate student climbed the clocktower at the University of Texas with several guns and killed 14 people before the police finished him off; which was, up until Monday, the worst campus shooting in American history. Even though when I picked my undergraduate institution I opted for a party school, plenty of my friends chose Blacksburg as their destination. So with all this in mind, you can see why this little cartoon brought a tear to my eye…

“Today We Are All Hokies”

This drawing is by Virginia cartoonist Ben Lansing. Both of my alma maters are represented; it captures just how I feel.

All Shall Be Well Virginia Tech Memorial

Meanwhile, here is Michael Noyes’ Julian of Norwich print, re-designed with Virginia Tech’s colors.

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