YouTube Goes Monastic

A fellow named Greg who’s affiliated with a group called the Rosary Army recently unleashed the following video on YouTube. It shows him walking around the Monastery of the Holy Spirit (and includes a quick shot of the store where I work).

Incidentally, the peacocks that he refers to originally belonged to Flannery O’Connor, who aside from being one of the greatest Southern writers of the twentieth century was also a peacock farmer — and a friend of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit (which she would have known as the Monastery of the Holy Ghost). When she died, she left a part of her peacock herd (do peacocks come in herds?) to the Monastery, where they lived until the early 1980s.

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  • Mike Farley

    Beautiful place! Even with Greg’s enthusiastic commentary, you still get a sense of the stillness around those buildings. From the website, the store looks like a real treasure trove. You are seriously blessed to be working there!