Flannery O’Connor at Emory

Just arrived in my email:

You are cordially invited to “Down on Paper: A Reading from the Flannery O’Connor-Betty Hester Letters,” to be held in Emory’s Cannon Chapel at 6 p.m. on May 22. Actress Brenda Bynum will give a dramatic reading drawn from the newly-opened collection of 274 letters between these two women. The event is free and open to the public. A reception will follow. Co-sponsors of the event are the Robert Woodruff Library and the Aquinas Center of Theology.

Perhaps I’ll see you there…

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  1. This would be a wonderful thing to attend! But I live far far away!
    However, I did get a small dose of Ms. O’Connor’s wonderful story telling ability Thursday evening for Ascension Celebration. Our guest homilist was a retired bishop (Episcopal). Most of his sermon was based on the story “Revelation”. The final vision of the woman who saw multitudes ascending to Heaven while such as herself(decent, moral, church people) brought up the rear with even their virtues burned away. I will now have to go re-read all of Flannery O’Connor’s stories. I think I will get more out of them now than when I first read them over 20 years ago in a Souther Literature class in college.

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